Our Business Model

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It all started when...

A small group of technology enthusiasts meet on the second floor of a Handy Andy's in Yarmouth, Maine.  Then moved garages, on the road, to larger facilities and then into cyberspace.  The Maine Drone Society has evolved in a short time as our community has scaled, evolved and adapted to the conditions presented to us.

We are excited to see where our journey will lead. 

In a past year, we came together to discuss a collective vision on where we may think drone business models could lead in Maine.  This was a topic most discussed in our 2017 open space meet up and is often a subject of much of what drives conversation when we are together. 

Above is a mind node of that collaboration and best describes how we feel the community can move forward.  It's a ton of work, but we truly belive with hard work, collaboration and enthusiasm we can make it happen.    We will do this with a open collaboration of our community, private businesses and public institutions working towards a common goal.  

To use drones for good.