Welcome to the inner circle.

The Maine Drone Society is a group of technology, aviation professionals, hobbyists, engineers, pilots and artists all dedicated to learning and experimenting with drone and autonomous vehicles on land, in the air or in the water.

The Maine Drone Society Inner Circle is the SWAT team within the community devoted to the three Cs of our presence.

Commercial - Operations, Business Development and Technology interests focusing on local as well as international business affairs.

Community - Development of community education programs devoted to aspiring and established drone users.  


Competition - Skills based talent development devoted to offering opportunities for talented individuals and teams to showcase their skills.

We are Founders, Makers, Technologist, Motion Picture Producers, Aviation Experts, Storytellers and most of all Problem Solvers.


John Samellas

Founder of Creative Management Tools.  Motion picture producer to an online content publisher using YouTube as our screen and embedding into everything for a worldwide audience.


Joe Keeney

Founder of 4 Rotor Filming with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industry. 


Jason Ryan

Founder of Open Bench Project.  Formally trained in Psychology and Education as well as Arts and Architecture.


Matthew Nasi

Matthew Nasi

Founder of Wingspan A/V. Matt is an experienced videographer, editor, and UAS pilot with a passion for storytelling.


Kristopher Kleva

Founder of Maine Drone Society. Maker of digital and physical things.  sUAS Evangelist and Community Organizer.


Welcome to Our Store

We started by testing various drone products and learning from member experiences what they liked the best, who they bought from, how they work with repair shops and research new gear.  From there we nailed down relationships with a distributors, local logistics and product design company to ensure we where able to supply the community with products they specifically required and the facilities to keep in stock and ship it fast.  

The Maine Drone Squad Experts Store is just that.  Stuff we buy, sell and trade with each other at fair price.  We hope you find the resource useful, purchase something, suggest a product, sell a product or leave a review.

We deeply value Maine Drone Squad Experts

We know the product experts in our community are a key resource of many others in the group, for this reason we are offering up to 30% off discount to expert members.  You know who you are! We consider experts to be members whose passion, experience and knowledge inspire the community around them.  Experts are super helpful when you are looking for product recommendations on what to buy.  They are often one of many mentors at community drone builds.   Experts in the Maine Drone Society show up, are well known in our physical and virtual community.

Happy Droning!

- Maine Drone Squad Product Shop