Maine Drone Society Build Lab Live Stream






It all started when...

Somebody said, "Let's make a TV Show".  Then we reviewed our options for video streaming platforms, connected with cable access and designed a studio for the task.  Here is what we've produced.  Expect live build videos, talk show, open space meetups, and just general chatter live by our members.

The general consensus was that our live sessions should be 100% about the pilot.  This means we needed to devote the stream to a specific issue faced by an individual and from there hope we can help others in the process of streaming it.  

So here is how it works.  You schedule a session, provide some details about the problem, maybe some photos and a video  We will reach out to confirm the time, maybe ask some follow up questions then meet you online!  

During the session you will be given a like to a private YouTube and/or Twitch Channel and with us on the other end ready to help!


Have BetaFPV Questions? 

We would like to help!  

Maine Drone Society has recently been working closely with the manufactures of the BetaFPV HOBBY in China and would like to offer US based support for their most recent product line of flight controllers and AIO cameras.

If you have questions, comments or issues with your BetaFPV boards and are hoping to schedule some one-on-one Q&A with our members lets meet up in person or over our live stream and get your tiny drone flying right!

Tune into our stream on these other popular platforms too! Chat with members, enter contests, win prizes, tell your story, the build lab live stream is here to connect all of our drone caves!