Projects Overview

The Maine Drone Society focuses members research and development efforts around open space learning principles.  This means that the members alone determine the project the society undertakes.  Sessions are then organized to promote the economic and educational growth of the members through collaborative set of experiments.


Getting Started with Aerial Cinematography  

The Getting Started with Aerial Cinematography project is a open collaboration between photographers and videographers getting started with UAVs.  These sessions are geared toward the creative side of craft but do focus on many of the technical aspects encountered when in the field.    

FPV Races for Maine Drone Society are planned using

FPV Races for Maine Drone Society are planned using

Planning our own FPV racing league

Getting involved with FPV racing will prove have a huge impact on the future of human competition.  In doing so, drone operators need to learn, practice and compete against each other on a regular basis to sharpen their skills.  The sessions focusing on planning and executing races, maintaining team aircraft, course selection and design.  Flight locations include indoor structures, forrest and freestyle events are offered for beginner to highly advanced pilots. 


UAV Build and Design Lab

UAV owners often require the flexibility and independence of designing and constructing their own aircraft to meet a specific application.  Build and design workshops focus on the fabrication, acquisition and assembly of UAVs for use by members in real world use-cases. 

All Maine Drone Society projects are selected using Open Space Technology (OST) principles and are created by our members, for our members.  We maintain open and collaborative environment to promote an approach to purpose-driven leadership in our community.