Marine Aerial Photography at it's Best

Marine and Aviation experience combined to bring innovation to Aerial and Underwater Photography in coastal Maine and Canada.  4RotorFilming and Maine Drone Society commercial operations pilots have serve as official inspections for notable events and have also captured images for magazines, corporate video and Classic Yacht Regatta.  Not only experienced in UAVs but also a highly decorated team in Aviation, Marine, Motion Picture Production and Digital Media.

Unmanned Marina Visual Inspection - UMI 

Unmanned Marina Inspection uses aerial and submersible drones or remotely operated vehicles to visual inspect a coast line on a pre-determined interval.  This establishes the ability to used autonomous technology to count boats, inventory marina property, track rentals, inspect a moorings and the underside of large vessels.       

Marina Drone ABILITIES Training

4 Rotor Filming and Maine Drone Society will tailor make the program your marina or boat yard integrates sUAS into your business.  This could be as basic as operating a small FPV drone to inspect masts, to as large scale as daily security monitoring of a bustling commercial sea port. 

Our Marina drone training series arms you with the local connections, hardware, software and workflow process to add this technology where it makes sense for your business.


Boat owners have made a large investment in their craft and need assurance it will be protected.  Our Boat Owners Inspection program offered autonomous aerial, underwater and on-deck inspection and assessment programs to help provide the owner piece of mind. 

Owners received detailed aerial and underwater video images and sensor data collected security via mobile or web based applications.  They can pre-schedule or request on demand service using our client services portal apps.

Drones have the ability to disrupt the maritime business, reducing risk of operation while delivering measurable business value.  Large corporations including Lloyds Register and Maersk have already demonstrates their ability to integrate drone technology.  These barrier of entry to these cabilities are now available to small and medium sized operations to seize a competitive advantage. 

Services Offered

Here’s an outline of what we can help your Marine business achieve:

  • Sail and Motor boat inspection using various drone technology
  • Spare parts delivery to stranded or mooring locations
  • Search and rescue for lost sailors or personal property
  • External vessel inspections for insurance damage assessment 
  • Ice monitoring, tidal and post-modem weather assessments 
  • Remote Island and Coastline inspection