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Open Source Rover


Have you every wanted to make your own Mars Rover!

This spring we inspire young and old engineers on their way to the stars. We conduct an 8 session series we will be working together to build a scaled down version of the Rover that NASA used to explore the surface of Mars. Together we will build this amazing Bot as well as brain storm a variety of systems that we could add to it.

This project is intended to be a building and learning experience for those who want to get involved in mechanical engineering, software, electronics, or robotics.

JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) is always looking to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and robotics geeks to help us explore and learn about our solar system (and beyond!). They released the plans for this rover as a way to try and give budding enthusiasts a fun robotics project that will help teach them and get them involved in robotics sooner and at a lower cost.)

Don't waste time and money on toy projects. 

Kick start your spring by learning to building your own fully autonomous open source rover with a team of experienced Makers and technologists!  

  • The session will critical skills building opportunity for designing and building robots ready for space.

  • Learn machining and fabrication in a fully equipped workshop guided by experienced Makers.

  • Gain mechanical, structural assembly and calibration experience on a project designed by NASA.  

  • Create your own custom electrical and power system for long range roving missions.

  • Configure and monitor all motor, suspension and steering integrations using encoders and other sensors.

  • Architect and code a capable software control and testing platform to remotely add capabilities to the rover.

Begins Feb 21, 2018. | (207) 613-5747

971 Congress Street

Portland, ME 04103

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