Welcome to Our Store

We started by testing various drone products and learning from member experiences what they liked the best, who they bought from, how they work with repair shops and research new gear.  From there we nailed down relationships with a distributors, local logistics and product design company to ensure we where able to supply the community with products they specifically required and the facilities to keep in stock and ship it fast.  

The Maine Drone Society Community Store is just that.  Stuff we buy, sell and trade with each other at fair price.  We hope you find the resource useful, purchase something, suggest a product, sell a product or leave a review.

We deeply value Maine Drone Society Experts

We know the product experts in our community are a key resource of many others in the group, for this reason we offer discounts to expert members.  

You know who you are! 

We consider experts to be members whose passion, experience and knowledge inspire the community around them.  Experts are super helpful when you are looking for product recommendations on what to buy.  They are often one of many mentors at community drone builds.   Experts in the Maine Drone Society show up, are well known in our physical and virtual community.

We are always amazed about the passion our members have about their equipment.  They spend hours searching websites, researching articles, messaging friends in search of the best gear for the best deal.  

But often we overlook that many members may already have spare parts or has them in warehouse inventory, or builds locally, There even could be a nearby neighbor who could be great a fixing radios?  As with all our events, we knew early on this was a core need of all members.  

From the beginning of our community we've expected these services from our sponsors.  They have served us well however, they simply cannot always accommodate the sale and support all 'un-tested' gear.  This is the core purpose of our market, to allow meetup members to exchange product and services.

If you sell drone gear, provide a service, build a product, or have a skill the Maine Drone Society expert market is for you. 

Happy Droning!

- Maine Drone Squad Product Shop