Virtual Reality Drone Camera

The purpose of this event is to demonstrate a high quality virtual reality photography drone setup using some popular products available in your local electronics store.

Mobile Web VR Demos 

We will attempt a live demonstration with the drone operator carrying a 360fly 4k Action Camera into a retrofitted Yuneec UAV. A second camera operator / user will then be able to use a VR Headset equipped with a smartphone to see a 360 real-time video from the drone.


Project Goal

The community will work together to design and document the product assortments required to achieve the desired industrial or creative application. In this case, it will be for a minimum two person team to capture 4k resolution 360 video of the beloved Royal River Park using a multi-rotor aircraft while live streaming the experience to users below wearing VR headsets. The demo will walk over the process of selecting products, services, software, operating the drone, controlling the VR camera with a smartphone and VR headset.