Giant FPV Drone Racing


X Class Drone Racing is the worlds first giant drone racing league, hosting
races and special events for drones 800mm to 1200mm while promoting
innovation in technology for big drone racing. Experience the freedom of
large drone racing with X Class


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How do I Build an X-Class Drone?

Building an X-Class drone is similar to building a smaller FPV drone however, as the name implies it is X-Large.  With this increase size and weight comes complexities in the design, construction and testing of these aircraft. 

Overall Dimensions

While an common FPV drone may have a motor to motor size of 180mm to 250mm, X-Class Drones are a minimum of 800mm to 1000mm.





Power Distribution


Flight Controllers





What is Race Format for X-Class?

X-Class Qualifying Heats

Each team of three including the pilot, visual observer and team manager is granted one full battery of practice on the track by themselves.  Their fastest lap of the battery will be used to determine their race position.

This battery is dedicated to the pilots so they may become familiar with the track and the aircraft, and for fans to connect to individual machines & teams.

Each team will then be announced to the audience.  This includes an introduction of the team and a few words about it's members and most importantly their machines.   All general specifications of the aircraft and parts used can be shared.

X-Class Bracket Racing

For a bracket racing we require at least 8 pilots giving two qualifying races and the finals.  During the race each pilot will be assigned a Visual Observer/Spotter for safety precautions.  In addition, a field visual observer of the race must be available.   

Bottom Heat of Four

The bottom 4 of the qualifying heats will seed the the first race, the top two pilots of that race will move on. 

top heat of four

The top 4 of the qualifying heats will seed the second race, the top two pilots will move on.


Finals consist of the 4 top pilots, head-to-head race for the most laps. 

What are the Aircraft Requirements for X-Class?

Frame and Canopy Size

  • X Class Drone Racing limits frames sizes to 1200mm motor-to-motor diagonally. 
  • The aircraft must feature a canopy or 'body' that is a minimum of 5" wide and 8" long.


  • X Class Drone Racing motors typically fall between 400kv to 900kv in sizes 4114, 4120, 4220.  T-Motors has the F1000 in 545kv to 635kv for around $120 per motor. 
  • You do not need to break the bank to have a X Class drone.  There are other options like the Racerstar or Bee Rotor in the $30 - $80 range.  New motors are being announced all the time. 


  • The use of combustible liquid fuel of any kind is not allowed in races.
  • All batteries must be inspected by team managers prior to flight
  • Current 6s 5000Mah batteries are the typical size
  • Fire extinguishers must be to team managers at all times


  • The arming switch must be tested and demonstrated prior all flights.
  • Aircraft arming must be performed by switch or a yaw right sequence.


Markings and Lighting 

Call Sign



Operator's 107 Certification

Visual Observer

Maximum Altitude

Safety Briefings

Additional Team Members

Organizational Memberships


Where are the X-Class Chapters Located?

Local Teams

National Chapters


When is the next Racing Event?



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